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The lengthy expanse of the Arizona Peace Trail encompasses three counties - Mohave, La Paz and Yuma in western Arizona, and over 700 miles of trails system. Those who travel the Arizona Peace Trail will experience dramatic landscape and terrain variations associated with elevations from 170 ft.- 7070 ft, picturesque landscapes, historical sites/facts and vast variety of plants and wildlife throughout. The wildlife seen can be incredible! A large buck with a full rack, a variety of birds including a large brown spotted hawk and wild burros to name a few. Some of the more unique, interesting attractions and places to visit along the Arizona Peace Trail include:

Alamo Lake State Park - N34 13.674 W113 34.600

Alamo Lake State Park is one of the best places to fish for bass in Arizona. The crystal clear lake is surrounded by mountainous terrain speckled with brush, wildflowers and cacti making for a visually pleasing experience.
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Bouse Historic Assay Office & Museum - N33 55.98 W114 00.227

This 625 Sq Foot building was built in 1902. It has not been determined when it became the Assay office, however assay services were provided from Bouse for Swansea and other mines up and down the Bill Williams River. After being restored around 1991, the Bouse Chamber of Commerce opened the building to the public as a Museum. Many documents and photographs of Early Bouse mining and military history are housed in the Museum.
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Bouse's Monument Row

Bouse was the location of a 'Top Secret' military camp, so extremely top secret, it was not listed with the dozen other training camps and to this day, historian/authors often miss the area when writing about the camp. (referred to as Camp Bouse). Located on Highway 72 (on the corner of Main St) the memorial was started. Over the years additional monuments have been erected. 2016 will mark the 20th annual celebration.
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Bouse Fisherman Intaglio - N33 47.450 W114 05.670

An Intaglio also known as a geoglyph or earth figure located approx 12 miles south of Bouse. These very large earth figures were created many years ago by American Indians. The Fisherman intaglio depicts a man suspending a spear, with two fish shown below, a sun and serpent above. There are other Intaglio's near Parker on Shea Rd and approx 15 miles north of Blythe.
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Dick Wick Hall's Marker - N33 46.970  W113 37.081

The founder of Salome is honored with both a historical marker on Highway 60 and Center Street, and the historical gravesite near the site of his old office and home, located at the intersection of Center and Hall Streets. Dick Wick Hall was a noted humorist, and writer, prospector, and businessman. He not only became "Arizona’s most Famous Humorist" and nationally was compared to Will Rogers and Mark Twain.
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Dripping Springs - N33 36.653  W114 04.729

This area is dotted with historic mines and stone cabins. Stay clear of the Gold Nugget Mine, which is still active. Dripping Springs has a stone cabin and terrific Native American petroglyphs. This trail starts easy and gradually worsens. The last mile before Dripping Springs is challenging and requires some backroad driving experience. High ground clearance and good articulation are needed to drive up a couple of steep, rutted banks and squeeze through a narrow rocky canyon. The last part can be hiked but it is strenuous.

Harrisburg Cemetery - N33 44.067 W113 32.529

Harrisburg was established in 1886 by Captain Charles Harris, and his partner Governor Frederick Tritle, as a mill town to process ore from the Socorro and other mines in the area. By 1887 two mills were operating here. The post office was established April 29, 1887 and discontinued September 29, 1906. Harrisburg was a ghost town by World War I.

Indian Springs - N33 50.754 W113 42.182

Iin the Harcuvar Mountains, near Tank Pass. This was an old granite quarry, with some of the rock going to the state capital in Phoenix. You can walk around to the southwest to see the quarry. There are still some stones lying around with the drill holes that were used to split the rock. (Contrary to popular belief, this was not an area where prisoners were held).

Swansea - N34 10.230 W113 50.551

Of all the ghost towns near Parker, Swansea is the best preserved; with ruins of a large brick smelter, mine, and more than a dozen buildings. Swansea existed for only 15 years before the town disappeared into the desert. The short existence of Swansea ended after WWI when copper prices dropped. By 1937 Swansea was already a ghost town.

9-11 Memorial (Salome) - N33 46.842  W113 36.938

The monument was built honoring the victims of the terrorists’ attacks of September 11, 2001. It is the first 9-11 Memorial in La Paz County and the culmination of three years of planning on the part of the McMullen Valley Fire District, Salome Lions Club and the McMullen Valley Chamber of Commerce.. 
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